Cortland Veneers and Implants

Dentures (Video Available)

Dentures are a great solution if all or most of your teeth are missing or must be removed. They will help to make eating and speaking easier as well as provide support to the lips and cheecks for a more youthful appearance. The exam typically includes xrays to be taken to check the health of your jaw bones and molds to be taken to provide an accurate model of your mouth.



What can dentures be used for?

  • Replace teeth to make talking and chewing easier
  • Provide support for lips and cheeks



How is it done?

First, we will take an impression to get an accurate modle of your mouth. The lab uses this model to make the denture base. A wax rim is then mounted on the base and we will have you try it on so that we can confirm the correct relationship between the upper and lower teeth. Next, the lab creates a wax replica of the denture. At this point we will be able to make any changes to the fit of the base and the color, shape, or placement of the teeth. Once everything has been squared away the wax replica is sent to the lab where the final denture is created.